Grim Dawn Checklist

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My name is Joshua Smellie, but most people generally know me as either MrTastix or Magniir.

GrimChecklist was created in February 2016, and was made as an easy way to mark my own progress with all the different characters I play. I was heavily inspired by checklists for other games, notably this Dark Souls 2 checklist and it's successor for Dark Souls 3, GrimChecklist being a fork of both.

Information saved via the profile system is only on your computer; none of it is saved on the server. The main benefit of this is that it's easy to develop, easy to use, and requires no registrations or logins. The downside is that profiles are not saved between computers or even other browsers on the same computer.

Another caveat to this is you SHOULD NOT clear the cache/cookies for (add an exception where possible) or you may lose your profiles.

If you find any problems or just want to give some feedback, give me a shout over on the official forums! You can also find me on reddit.


GrimChecklist saves one cookie, which is for Google Analytics, purely for statisical purposes and only related to this website. No personally identifiable information is stored on the server at all, nor do I host (or have plans to host) any ads.

Special Thanks

Despite my best efforts it's not always possible to do things by yourself, so I would like to humbly thank the following for assisting even if it was for even simple questions. I apologize if I missed your name!

  • Crate Entertainment for creating Grim Dawn. Can't have GrimChecklist without 'em!
  • Grim Dawn Wiki was used as a much-loved resource for a lot of locations, quests, etc.
  • Nine and his awesome list of Devotion Shrines locations.
  • Stormcaller and Max1405 for their massive assistance on a number of topics as well as awesomely promoting my own service.
  • jajaja/Tweedle for providing me with save files so I can finally figure out where the One-Shot Chests are.
  • Luzzifus for his awesome guide on Devotion Shrines so I don't even have to load the game to find the Devotion Shrines.
  • And while I can't name you all, any and all people who post on the official forum topic with bug reports, suggestions and other feedback. You guys are awesome!